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Gervelis Law

At Gervelis Law Firm, our sole mission is to help you get the money damages you are entitled to. It is all we do. It is all we have ever done. We represent individuals and families in northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania who have been affected by serious injuries or a wrongful death in motor vehicle accidents or by medical negligence. We are exceptionally qualified to help you obtain the maximum amount of damages under the law.

The Warren Firm

At The Warren Firm, you will work directly with Vaden Warren as your attorney. You will not be passed on to a claim consultant or a new associate. When you are looking to hire an attorney, we know it can be difficult to know where to place your trust.

Warren John West, P.C.

The law firm of Warren John West, P.C., is a Central Oregon law firm practicing exclusively in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death. We skillfully assist injured people with a broad range of cases and help them receive the fair compensation they deserve.

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